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One-line Introduction

Flature is becoming a IT Engineer (Developer)

Education & Career History

[ Konkuk University ] (2010~2017)
Industrial Engineering (bachelor's degree)

[ Samsung SDS ] (2017~2021)
Network Engineer (2017~2019)
Backend Engineer (2019~2021)
- KMS (Key Management Service)

[ WeSang ] (2022~)
Backend Engineer (2022~)
- Fintech


Korea, Republic of.


사내 활동은 컴플라이언스 및 보안 사항으로 내용 공유가 어렵습니다.

포트폴리오 사이트 구축

  • Linux 서버 구축 및 웹 세팅 학습을 위해 진행
  • 원하는 형태의 레이아웃을 사용하기 위해 커스텀에 용이한 WordPress를 사용하였으며, 현재까지 무중단으로 4년째 운영중
  • 관련 자료

Android 앱 개발

  • Kotlin 언어 학습을 목적으로 개발
  • ThinkGround 앱은 이 포트폴리오 사이트를 띄우기 위해 개발되었으며, 별도 안드로이드 기능은 다른 앱에서 개발 중
  • Link

자료 공유를 위한 유튜브 채널 운영

  • 글로 공유하는 것이 아닌 영상으로 직접 코드 및 자료를 정리하기 위해 진행
  • 자바 기초, 웹(html, css, javascript), 스프링 부트 관련 강의 영상 업로드
  • Link

Possess Technology & Certification

Various Network Vendor Hardware Handling Skills
L2-L3 : Cisco(Cat, Nex), Dell, Extreme, Arista
L4 : Radware, F5(LTM)
Firewall : SECUI, Fortinet, Paloalto
WebFirewall : Barracuda, Piolink, F5(ASM)

Programming Language
Java (Spring Boot Framework)
Python (Learning)

My SQL(MariaDB)

Docker (Learning)

Vmware Certificated Professional – Network Virtualization (2018.08)
Vmware Certificated Professional – Data Center Virtualization (2019.10)
AWS Solution Architect – Associate (2018.08)
OPIC - IH (2018.10)
Vmware Certified Professional 6 - NV
AWS Certified Digital Badge
Vmware Certified Professional 6 - NV
My Experience and Projects!
  • Ungraduated

    [2013-2014] · Konkuk Univ. MOT(Management of Tech) Lab
    · Studied 'Natural language processing' and 'Recommendation System'.
    · Used Java for coding algorithm about that.

    · Attended 'Venture Compatition' (Runner-up)
    · Prepared for a business related of 'trip'

  • Infra Engineer

    [2017-2019] · Manage Infra Structure. (mainly network)
    · Handle both 'on-Premise' and 'Virtualization'.
    · Operate 'private infra' mainly and also VDI network.
    · Lead the project 'Introducing The New NMS System' and my role is to sort out complex network map and define the alert level each equipment.
    · Sometimes propose to switch from 'On-premise Infra' to 'Virtualization Infrastructure'.

    · Made my Website 'A-Z' by myself
    · Started to handle OS-App Level Components like 'CentOS', 'Nginx'

  • Developer

    · Developed some applications for venture's needs.
    · Main functions are 'Web Crawling', 'Data pre-processing', 'Data Foarming'.
    · Used 'Java' and 'My SQL'.

    · KMS 서비스 개발 (Backend Engieer)
    · Developed backend application (KMS)
    · handled with Spring Boot Framework
    · Java Performance Tuning (GC Tuning, Business Logic Improvements)

Timeline of Flature