How to install Docker Environment on CentOS 7

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This post has how to install Docker Basic Environment(Application) on CentOS 7. That is simple. In this post, Docker version is ‘Docker CE’. ThinkGround has another setting guide about ‘Docker for Windows’.

firstly, you must have ‘root’ right. you can use ‘sudo’ for each command or ‘su’ switching to ‘root’ user.
and This Setting Environment(CentOS 7) is initialized.

1. Install a Standard Docker

# yum -y update
# yum -y docker docker-registry

You can copy & paste this line (except ‘#’). before we install a Docker, we have to update yum. ‘yum’ is a package management system on CentOS (Like APT on Debian including Ubuntu). and we can get docker & docker-registry.

# systemctl status docker

We already checked a docker while installing. But this command can show you docker’s status.

2. Enroll in the execution environment

#systemctl enable docker.service
# systemctl start docker.service
# systemctl status docker.service

These are often used as a set. ‘enable’ make docker do ‘auto run(on boot)’, ‘start’ is just ‘start’. you can different docker’s status before ‘start’ by command ‘status’.

This is over. You can use a Docker right now!

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